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Alterna Caviar Shampoo

The claim to fame of this anti-aging shampoos is caviar. This is an ingredient which is rich in vitamins and amino acids, but the company doesn’t say how pure the extract of caviar is. So, it could be they are just adding a touch of it. I didn’t check yet, and I don’t know if…

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Argan Oil

What is an essential oil, and what are they used for? Well, to start out, essential oil isn’t like other essential things you might know about, essential in that case meaning necessary. No, this is essential from the root word of essence. They’re called that way because they contain the essence of a plant’s fragrance,…

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Vitamin C for Beautiful Skin

We talked about how bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C and how it can benefit your skin and hair. The use of vitamin c serums as a daily facial beauty regimen is still going strong. I enjoy using it daily, or semi-daily, at night, before I head off to bed. I let it…

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Superfoods for Skin and Hair

The multi-billion-dollar beauty and personal care products industry makes a killing off of women who are desperately trying to improve the appearance of their hair and skin – ie. virtually every woman in the world. Not a bad target market, right? Pretty broad, and pretty substantial. If only women knew about all of the natural…

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