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Great Subcompact Handgun – Glock 26

glock 26The “Baby” Glock 26 9mm subcompact – is one of the world’s most popular backup guns. It is the perfect companion for those who already carry the full size G17 or compact G19. Well, you don’t need those two exactly, but you get the idea.

This thing has everything that those other Glocks have, but in a smaller package. The Glock 26 was introduced in the middle of the 90’s, and it has since been added to many a–shooter’s favorite list. The only “fault” this gun has is being small. So, there isn’t really a fault at all.

I’ve seen people blogging about how the G26 has no solid grip. Of course it doesn’t. It is a SUB-compact. If you want the pinky space, either don’t buy a subcompact handgun, or get yourself some aftermarket extension for $10-$20 and stop subjecting us to such rants!

I carried a baby Glock for a very limited time, but in the few times that I did get to train with it, it was a great experience.


6.49X1.18X5.17 (LXWXH inches)

Weight – 26.12 oz. (with loaded mag)

Magazines – 10 rounds as a standard, but it can also take the 15/17/33 round magazines that are staples of the other 9mm versions of this weapon.

ankleWith the right holster, the baby Glock becomes a real partner. One that can be concealed just about anywhere. I had it on my ankle, but it can also be fasten to the hip, small of back, or tucked inside the waist band.

At short distances, it can definitely be a point and shoot kind of gun. The sights are there, and they are as accurate as any other Glock, but for your quick draw/aim/shoot combo, it works great.

The 26 also has the advantage of being equipped with the dual spring that later came with all of the Gen4 Glocks. It is a great little gun, and if you want a small, reliable, 9mm weapon, with the best concealability options, consider getting your hands on the Glock 26. In my next article I will be talking about my favorite Glock, the Glock 19 so be sure to come back to!

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