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Be Rich Or Poor

rich dad poor dadThe critics of Rich Dad Poor Dad do have some valid points, but I feel that if anything, it changes your views on certain things. And that’s enough of a start for a self-help book of that nature. It comes as no surprise that people don’t finish reading the book and immediately grow rich and wealthy. No book can do that. But what this book can do is provide the reader with the opportunity to change one’s views. And that really is the best thing a good book can do for you. This is true in non-fiction and fiction alike. This is true to textbooks and self-help books. It is meant to challenge you, or to instruct you, and also to enlighten you, if you let it. The writers of Rich Dad Poor Dad wanted to make a point: things are not what they seem. Like I said, it is meant to challenge and enlighten you. You don’t necessarily have to go out there and put everything into practice. You don’t have to follow every rule or guideline. You need to be aware of the facts of life, though, and this is one thing which this book allows, to some extent. It provides facts about the way that the world works, about the way that money works, and about the nature business. If you decide to go down that road and implement every single step, there is a chance you will end up in a very different place. The author states that his journey was his, his opinions are his, and yours will vary. What he sets forth are not rules but more like examples. It simply means that these are principles which have worked in the past, and which continue to work now. And it also serves as an important reminder: don’t give your kids fish – teach your kids to fish. Don’t tell them to study hard and find a good job with a company. Instead, encourage them to own the company.

carIf you are gonna do something, do it right. Learn from other people’s mistakes, failures, and successes. See what has helped others realize themselves and fulfill dreams. If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs. Is that what we are all meant to be? Someone else’s dream-builders? Maybe, for a time, sure. But ultimately, we all have a personal destiny to achieve, and a personal philosophy to develop.

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