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Will I Ever Get a Dog?

You either like dogs or you don’t. I guess there’s an in-between because you can be okay with dogs but still don’t petswant to own one. Growing up I begged my parents for a dog. They said no every time. You know what I don’t even think they said no. I kept asking every year for my birthday because I still had hoped I would get one. I don’t think they were so sure they didn’t want one either. My dad loves dogs like he will run around with them, let them jump on him and lick him. When I said loves I mean it. My mom likes dogs. She won’t be all over them, but she tolerates them and has no problem with them being around her.

My mom grew up with a dog, which is why she never got me one. My mother’s father died when my mom was only 16- heart attack. Just a couple days or weeks after that, their dog died too – probably from a broken heart. He missed my grandfather too much and couldn’t live without him. It’s because of the fact that pets die, I was not allowed to get one. Sure there were other factors, like no one being able to stay home with the dog all day. Apparently, it’s bad to leave a dog home alone all day. My parents also didn’t think me and my siblings would be able to take on the responsibility of caring for a dog.

Now that I’m an adult with my own household, I always wonder if I will ever get a family dog. My two-year-old daughter loves dogs. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say, love. She likes them enough to want to pet them. If she begs me enough when she’s older, she may get a dog. Having a dog is really hard though. It’s a bigger responsibility than having another child. All I got when I asked my parents for dogs, were plush ones. I had more stuffed dogs than I had pets1clothing. I loved it but it was ridiculous. If I have a nice backyard and time to give to a dog, I could definitely see us getting one. The only problem is that I’m kind of germaphobe when it comes to animals. After I pet a dog, I don’t touch anything, not even my coat, until I wash my hands. It grosses me out when people pet their dogs and then make a salad with the visible dog hair attached to their hand. Once you do get a dog, there are a bunch of people that won’t come to your house either because they are afraid or because they think dogs are too dirty to be in someone’s home.

I just can’t imagine putting my daughter through the agony that I was put through. If she begs. I may just cave. Oh, and of course I’m not forgetting my husband. He would love to get a dog. He hasn’t put as much thought into it as I have.

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