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Alterna Caviar Shampoo

caviarThe claim to fame of this anti-aging shampoos is caviar. This is an ingredient which is rich in vitamins and amino acids, but the company doesn’t say how pure the extract of caviar is. So, it could be they are just adding a touch of it. I didn’t check yet, and I don’t know if the company is giving up that information. Just saying, buyer beware.

As a general rule, Alterna pride themselves with being a professional company which provides results. I am not doubting or disputing that, I am just saying that sometimes the marketing department of these cosmetics companies tend to embelish and make things more than they appear. So far, so good. That’s just good marketing. It is the costumer or consumer’s job to be aware of what it is they are buying.

Pureology Nanoworks, among other anti-aging shampoos, was reviewed here by Maple Holistics, and the results they showed were positive. It did not dull the color which the user had in her hair, and it was able to provide a nice bounce. There was no buildup reported, and that is crucial, because it is things like buildup and clogged pores which contribute to scalp and hair damage. The shampoo is called anti-aging, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used by those with “aging hair”, you know?

Shampoos of this nature can and should be used by those who are interested in continuing use of other products, of using color, and of experimenting with their hair, and who want something which will help to facilitate that. We each have different reactions to products, so give it about a month and see how it affects you and your scalp.

There are no “yes or no” answers when it comes to beauty products, and the hair is one of the most important factors, for men and women alike. When we decide to put faith into a company, we expect some results, and we also want to know that we are getting what is best for our hair. Over time, that line has been blurred. Some honestly don’t care about what they put their scalp and hair through, as long as they get the results they want. That’s okay, no judgement here. I get it.

But those who are looking for ways to strengthen and take care of their hair, even hair which is scaviar 3unburned, damaged, colored, and what not, could also try a DIY method, and use soap and essential oils. There are many recipes out there, and you will have to pick and choose from the ingredients, or simply use one you find online.

Other anti-aging shampoos are available, but how do you choose which one to go for? The factors are many and varied, but essentially you want to check out the ingredients, the scent, and the value for money. In some cases, you’ll be able to get samples for free. Do that, and see how good certain products are for you, and how bad others are.

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