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Argan Oil

What is an essentiwhat_is_argan_oilal oil, and what are they used for? Well, to start out, essential oil isn’t like other essential things you might know about, essential in that case meaning necessary. No, this is essential from the root word of essence. They’re called that way because they contain the essence of a plant’s fragrance, so the essential oil of avocado, would thus contain the essence of the fragrance of avocado. This isn’t to say that essential oils are only useful in orde r to get things that smell a certain way. You see, different essential oils have different chemical compositions, so they also have different uses. A chemical that gives a certain fragrance may also be used to moisturize your skin among other things.

So you know what an essential oil is now, that is good, but that’s not what I actually wanted to tell you guys about today. No, what I wanted to talk to you guys was specifically argan oil. Argan oil (reviewed by maple Holistics), containing the essence (although not technically an essential oil) of the argan tree, is very similar to olive oil, at least in some ways. They both are used for culinary purposes. In fact, both of the oils, (argan oil and olive oil) were discovered in roughly the same place, the Middle East. More specifically the Mediterranean. And although we do not know where specifically olive trees (and thus olive oil) were first cultivated, but we do know where argan oil comes from. Argan oil comes from morocco. Although there are some differences between olives and argan straight from the get go, like how there’s one way to make usable olive oil, but argan oil can either be extracted from roasted argan (which is then used for culinary purposes) or from non-roasted argan (for every other applications). And well, while I’m sure that argan oil is delicious, that’s still not what I wanted to talk about, what I wanted to talk about was the cosmetic applications for non-roasted argan oil, which is used for its moisturizing benefits. Which definitely makes it extremely useful against acne and also can be used to combat flaky skin. It even has further reaching benefits like being able to be used to treat burns.
Argan oil has actually been more of a recent thing, being in only around 2 products in 2007, and jumping to over 100 by 2011. That’s a literal increase of 5000 percent in only four years. In fact, there has been so much of an increase in demand for argan oil that the Moroccan government has planned to increase production of argan oil from 2500 tons to 4000 tons by 2020. That’s a huge increase, and while it’s not an increase of 5000 percent, it still is an incredibly huge amount. I think if you think of it in terms of the weight alone, you might actually appreciate just how huge it is, as 1500 tons is an insane amount of weight. One large 16 wheeler truck weighs at the most 80 tons, and that’s a maximum. It’s some insane stuff.

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