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Superfoods for Skin and Hair

The multi-billion-dollar beauty and personal care products industry makes a killing off of women who are desperately trying to improve the appearance of their hair and skin – ie. virtually every woman in the world. Not a bad target market, right? Pretty broad, and pretty substantial. If only women knew about all of the natural and effective ways to improve the look of hair and skin – all through one of their favorite activities – eating! Super foods are foods which have the capability to improve the overall health and appearance of the person who eats them. Although different super foods can have different impacts and to varying degrees of effectiveness, it’s generally an accepted rule of thumb that eating as many super foods as possible is a good idea. This is especially true in regards to skin and hair, which in particular can benefit from the eating of a great number of super foods. We will focus on the top five of them in this, our top five super foods for hair and skin care column.

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  1. Blueberries –Featuring more antioxidant activity than any of the other common fruits and vegetables, blueberries help keep you looking younger and help to fight any effects of premature aging. Eat up! There are a number of great ways to enjoy blueberries: as a topping to yogurt, in different kinds of salads (fruit or vegetable), in desserts, blended in smoothies, or even just on their own – blueberries are delicious!
  2. Wild Salmon – As opposed to farm-raised salmon, wild salmon is one of the most reliable sources for omega-3 fatty acids, which are acids that help keep skin healthy and properly moisturized. Salmon also contains selenium, a mineral which acts as a natural protector of skin from the sun, as well as vitamin D, which promotes the health and strength of bones and teeth. Just remember, wild salmon is just as delicious as farm-raised salmon – no need to discriminate!
  3. Bell Peppers – Regardless of the color – red, orange, yellow or green, it makes no matter – bell pepper are undeniably as good for your hair as they are great tasting. Packed with Vitamin-C, bell peppers of all kinds increase collagen production which promotes the strength and appearance of hair and skin. Even minor, difficult to detect vitamin c deficiencies that you or anyone could conceivably be suffering from can damage both hair and skin, causing splitting hair in particular. Enjoy them in a salad or any other kind of pepper-filled dish!
  4. Carrots – Yes, the multi-purpose carrot can do wonders for your hair and skin! Loaded with Vitamin-A, carrots help prevent the overproduction of cells in the skins outer layer (wow!), which prevents dead skin cells and sebum from blocking pores, causing skin issues. Vitamin A also has the capability to reduce the development of skin cancer cells, making the vegetable a very healthy snack.
  5. Strawberries – As good for you as they are delicious! Yes, strawberries are high in iron, making them great for flushing and cleansing your entire system, improving the health and appearance of skin and hair alike!

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