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Vitamin C for Beautiful Skin

We talked about how bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C and how it can benefit your skin and hair. The use of vitamin c serums as a daily facial beauty regimen is still going strong. I enjoy using it daily, or semi-daily, at night, before I head off to bed. I let it sit all night, and in the morning I normally shower, or at least wash my on face

I have been using vitamin c serums of different kinds for about a year. I can’t say my face was suffering from any damage prior to my use of the serum, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that it is what is currently helping my face combat the different harmful elements that are in the air.

I am not a girly girl. I don’t have tons of makeup, manicured nails, or a new hairdo every two or three months. I am an ordinary chicka, but I do believe that taking care of your face is vital. Your face is your calling card. It is what people look into when they are conversing with you, talking, and just hanging out.

Face it, your face is important

seru msdfThe face is important, and so I like to keep my face looking at its best, and for that reason I use a serum with vitamin C in it one of my favorites is made by Maple Holistics. It is a relatively pure formula, with no parabens or fragrances. Put it on your face and forget about it. Let the formula work its charm.

And it does work, I think. I know that now, with my current job, I am on the road a lot, and I am exposed to all of the wonders of the outside urban environment. Cars, shops, smoke – so much pollution everywhere, is it any wonder that by the time we are 38, our skin looks 60?

Obviously, some things are just genetic. People who have good skin genes also have my envy. I would love to have the kind of skin that just needs no maintenance whatsoever, and that positively glows on its own, with no help. But alas, I am not that kind of person, and my skin – particularly my face – do need protection and a kind of boost to their natural process.

busy streets of a large metropolitan areaThat is why I like keeping my cosmetics as natural as can be. The body is also doing its job, and it only needs us to provide a helping hand to what it is already doing on its own. The body is an amazing machine, and I trust it to know what it is doing. A vitamin C serum is a way of letting your body know you have its back, even if you are putting through the busy streets of a large metropolitan area, you still care enough to give it the protection it deserves.

By applying it at night, I am letting the serum do its job without any kind of external interference. I feel that is the best way to go about this, but you may feel differently. Again – it’s your skin, your face, and your body. Listen to it, and do what you think is best.

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