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False Realities

Infinite dimensions is a legitimate theory in theoretical physics. The idea that every possible option has or is occurring in another dimension. Some very large changes from our dimension for example your pants are a slightly multiversedifferent color. Other dimensions are so massively different than our own that we wouldn’t recognize anything from them. If pizza is people and people is pizza, then another dimension were that pizza had on a slightly different color. Literally infinite different dimensions of different possible scenarios or outcomes for the world and the universe. Within this theory there have to be false realities that essentially end and no longer continue. There could also be realities that don’t really end in anything productive, like a dimension where everyone on Earth takes heroin. That would be an earth where nothing gets produced and no real gains in science and technology continue. There has to be way more failed Earths than successful Earths if there were infinite possibilities. Percentage wise there would have to be way more failed universes than successful.

However, that is under the assumption that the rules of physics are the same in every dimension. There would have to be different dimensions with different laws of physics, which would change way more than we can even perceive. Its more than just the effect that gravity has on matter, it is how atoms and matter even exists on its own. What if there is another dimension that isn’t made up of atoms. There could be a dimension made of entirely different base material that is incomprehensible to us as human beings.

There can also be false realities that are inside of a dimension that seems like another dimension but is really just a fake reality that isn’t real. Like VR in our reality when it is identical to reality. Or if someone takes drugs and travels to another dimension. It is unclear if these are false realities or other dimensions. Drugs like DMT can make you rick and mortyhallucinate and see things that do not physically exist in our reality. It is clear that there are definitely false realities whether there are infinitely other dimensions or not. Some entertainment runs with this theory, like the popular cartoon Rick and Morty. Rick has a portal gun that can take him to any dimension he wants to go to. He can go to very similar dimensions or dimensions that are nothing like our own, like a dimension where everything is made of butts. This is how the ricks have become so intelligent capable of doing what ever they want. This is because rick in every dimension has the portal gun. Even if a Rick doesn’t have the mental ability to invent the portal gun another rick will give it to him.

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